8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility Paperback

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As a leader, you need to constantly re-examine assumptions of what it means to be "great" as old models of leadership quickly fade into irrelevance. In short, you need an agile mindset. This book teaches you how to rise to challenges by describing how leaders met their challenging conundrums with agility and emerged stronger through the Re4 Coaching Model. It’s time to learn and thrive.


Each book comes with the following digital resources:

-               Leadership Evaluation Checklist

-               Re4 Coaching Model

-               Summary of the 8 paradoxes


Fantastic and relevant!

Your book is fantastic – especially the example of Kelly. It's very close to my personal situation and your book helped me find peave in my situation for something which bothered me for quite a while.

Christian Kastner MSc, MBA
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