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– Cookies

I (Chuen Chuen Yeo) do not place any cookies on this website myself, but the company that hosts the website (WordPress) does. I do not have access to these cookies. According to WordPress, the cookies used on this site are for operational purposes only so that their product will work. You can contact WordPress at for more information.
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– Privacy Policy

I, Chuen Chuen Yeo, receive personal data from (potential) clients, suppliers and other enquirers when they contact me via email, social media accounts or other channels. This data includes details of the enquirers themselves (such as name, postal address, email address, telephone number, ID or tax number, and financial and bank account details). It may also include personal data that is present within documents provided to me for translation or proofreading (please note that if you are a primary data controller, it is your obligation to ensure that you have consent from the data subject for sending me content containing personal data for translation or proofreading).

The data described above is held and processed by Chuen Chuen Yeo for legitimate interests, for the purposes of preparing or performing contracts, or to comply with legal obligations. In plain English, that means I do not use your data for anything except what you might reasonably expect me to do with it in the normal course of my business: I need to store a certain amount of personal data and files that may contain personal data so that I can, for example, maintain records, provide my services and issue invoices. Any personal data I receive will not be used for other purposes or shared with third parties (except where there is a legal requirement to disclose it). All messages sent to my email address are stored in a mail account. Other files are stored on my personal computer in my office in Singapore, which is appropriately secured.

You can request to see any information held on you and have it corrected or deleted, or complain about how your data has been handled, by writing to me at: You will receive a response within 30 days.

This privacy policy was updated on 18 July 2019.